IZH Corge. Great and horrible

Domestic heavy motorcycle to accompany the president of Russia. In this article, let’s look at this machine in detail, give some characteristics, look at it from all sides.

You may have heard of a presidential limousine that belongs to the same direction. Today we consider the motorcycle side.

So, IZH Corge. Great and horrible.

Why is it awful? First of all, it is the mass of the apparatus. And it weighs without small 510 kg. What he is so charged to have such weight-it is unclear. The second-design. Just a judge Dreda or Batman motorcycle. Brutal cuts, harsh shapes and dark outlines indicate the seriousness of the motorcycle.

What about development? The development is conducted by the concern «Kalashnikov «.

In July 2017, the head of the Russian state corporation «Rostec » Sergey Chemezov said that the production of motorcycles will take place in Izhevsk, where the site of Izhevsk izhmash «Izhmoto » produced Mototehtika in the period from 1929 of the last century and until 2008 inclusive.

November 2017: IZH Corge was represented in Moscow at an exhibition visited by Vladimir Putin.

Later it was found out that the instance at the exhibition was only a layout (plastic «Doll «). Near the end of the month in the network got a video, where the bike is very even real and very even rides. He was tested on the Formula 1 circuit at the Sochi Autodrome.

May 2018: Sergei Chemezov in the report to the President conveyed that the motorcycle is almost complete, remains «bring to mind «.
What’s the stuffing?

The new IZH is equipped with a gasoline engine with a volume of 2 liters and Max Power 110 Kw (150 hp), the layout of the motor-Opposinaya.

It can give the motorcycle acceleration up to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. The maximum speed of the device is stated at 250 km/h. Not bad, considering its mass (510 kg). Engine «spins » at 180 nm of torque. Most likely, the motor is imported.

What about the prospects?

The model is currently being tested and the improvements are underway. Completion of all works is planned not earlier than 2019 year. At the end of all these moments will be solved the issue and production of motorcycle in the series.

The head of «Rostec » said that the new domestic product will be offered and «simple » to consumers. This means that the motorcycle will be produced not only for the needs of special services. The device will be sold under the brand name «IZH «.

It is unclear whether the serial motorcycle will be the exact repetition of the motorcade. One thing is certain: it will retain all design and technical solutions of designers.

What’s the price?

There is no official information. Evil tongues say that cost novelty will be in the area of 62000 USD (4 million rubles).
Summarize. Once again briefly about the characteristics.

Overall dimensions: 2900 x 940 x 1250 mm

Engine, Volume: 2000 cu cm3 (more exact figure is not yet known)

Engine, Power: 110 Kw (150 hp)

Engine, spinning. Moment: 180 nm

Speed, Maximum: 250 km/h

Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 3.5 seconds

That’s all, friends! Thank you for reading!

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