The most expensive apartments in the world. Top 10

Fabulous sums sometimes have to spread to buyers of elite real estate. And many believe that the most expensive apartment can be purchased in Hong Kong, because it is there the cost of housing is very high. However, around the world you can find a residential area with a very «tidy» price, inherent in the square meter. So in what city is the most expensive apartment in the world, if you estimate the cost for the «square»?

Rome (Italy)

Chic Italian Apartments Open the rating of the most expensive housing. Luxury apartments in Rome differ in that preserve the existing architecture, but are absolutely modern for living. Also their distinctive feature is a huge expanse. The price of a square meter is a little more than 11000 euros, which eventually results in a huge sum of the cost of the whole living space. Just imagine housing in 600 m2 – it will cost the buyer more than 6.6 million euros.

Dubai (UAE)

In the ninth place you can put Dubai luxury apartments, located in the skyscrapers, which are located in Dubai Marina (Dubai area). The high price of accommodation in this complex is due to the wonderful view, which opens from the windows of the apartment (nearby there is a pier and beautiful villas). In this area there is a skyscraper «Burj Khalifa», recognized in the world the highest. It is here that the apartments are the most expensive, but it is understandable, because the floor in them is laid marble, the system «smart House», and the interior is decorated with luxury furniture. One «square» in such apartment costs about 29500 euros. Then the average dwelling in 208 m2 will cost about 6.1 million euros.

PARIS (France)

Despite the fact that the average price per square meter of housing in the capital of France equals 8000-9000 euros, there is the most expensive apartment in 750 m2, located in the central part of Paris and has a beautiful view of the city. The price per square meter in almost 31000 euros explains the excellent location of the accommodation, the presence of beautiful finishes, magnificent bedroom and comfortable kitchen. And the whole apartment will cost 23.1 million euros.

Geneva (Switzerland)

There is no such thing as elite housing in Switzerland. Here we are talking about a new modern or well-restored housing. Prices for the «square» range from 4000 to 9000 euros. However, in the center of Geneva there is a luxury penthouse area of 400 m2-a square meter costs just over 31000 euros.

New York (USA)

The most expensive housing in New York is an apartment, the price per square meter of which equals 38140 euros. This luxurious dwelling of 190 M2 was the property of Anna Anisimova, the former supermodel. A little earlier in this city was sold penthouse, the price of «square» in which was equal to 42800 euros.

TOKYO (Japan)

In the midst of the most expensive residential area is located one-bedroom apartment from the elite district of Tokyo. Its total area is 412 m2, the price of a square meter is about 39700 euros. The distinctive feature of these apartments is the painting of walls by famous artist from Japan – Hiroshi Senju.

Moscow (Russia)

The most expensive Moscow apartment has 3 bedrooms, a living room of a considerable size and 3 bathrooms. It is located on the Brüsovom Lane, its area equals 235 m2. Sold at a price of 49760 euros per square metre. In this apartment, over the interior of which worked designer with a famous name, there is technology and furniture from the world brands.

Hong Kong S.A.R

But Hong Kong real estate is ranked third among the most expensive. The Elite Hong Kong district offers 6 apartments in modern complexes. Each area equals 650 m2, and the price of the «square» is slightly more than 60000 euros. From the windows of each apartment offers a beautiful view of the ocean, which can be admired for a long time.

Monte Carlo (Monaco)

The prices of a square meter of housing in the most expensive property in the country vary from 36000 to 55000 euros. But you can buy here and an apartment of 10.5 million euros, which in terms of a square meter equals 70000 euros. The living area of 150 m2 is furnished with the latest technology and offers a beautiful view of the seascape.

LONDON (England)

It is in England is the most expensive apartment in the world (in the elite London area). Housing with design repair and an area of 320 m2 will cost the future owner of 23 million euros, that is the price of «square»-just above 72000 euros.

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