Real American Girls

About me
Calm and positive, a little dreamer, inspired by the world.
Without bad habbits.
I like to read, sometimes I write poems, I like to learn something new, watch an interesting movie, communicate with nice people.
In my free time I go for a walk, roller-skate, go to concerts and exhibitions, get out of town. I also like football, computer games, music from different directions from heavy to relaxing electronic.
Something interesting? Ask.

An interesting, congenial person with whom it will be good and warm. I appreciate the mind, humor, honesty, simplicity, breadth of views and having my own opinion, responsibility for my words and deeds.
Family status:

I will meet:
with a man
aged 26-35
Looking for:
Friendship and communication,
Love, relationships,
Birth, raising a child

Interest: Chatting On Whatsapp

Phone Number: +91 95630 23569.

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