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I am Natasha, I live in the city of Krasnogorsk, Moscow Region. Now I am 35. At the behest of my mind I graduated from the Law Academy, a lawyer since 2001.
At the behest of her heart and soul, she entered neurography and became a coach instructor of neurography in 2018.

Since childhood, the fragility of bones, there is deformity of the back, there were many fractures, but then a long (7 years) break. Then from 2013 there were several fractures that required operations and after that I often go with the help of an external support (stick).

At that time, the recovery process was delayed for 2-3 years, a divorce with her husband took place and work was disbanded.
So in 2016, at 33, there was nothing to lose)) and it was this that helped to take a new path of non-linear relationship to the world. The world responded, since there are no injuries))
Through needlework came out on reincarnation, energy practice, then on neurography and now, the desire for new development has already brought here.

Now I have reached the level of activity that was until 2013, I am engaged in self-development, bodily practices, meditations, work with the subconscious, became a coach and an instructor of neurography (this is a very powerful tool for working with myself).

With the former husband now they are good friends, no children. Divorced in 2015, so I stood in mourning for an untimely ruined marriage))))) and is ready for a new relationship. In any case, I now have the time and energy for it!

+33 456 457 3567

Name- Anaïs

Status- It’s better to live alone- There is no friendship with a fool-

Age- 23

+33 783 456 5645

Name- Julia

Status-I am not a special Person ,But I am just limited edition-

Age- 26

+33 678 345 6782

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