Russian Girls

Some fall in love with cars,
In a packed wallet.
And I fall in love with commas,
Placed in places.

I meet exclusively with ugly men. If you are attractive, desirable, beautiful — you are not here. Although if at the same time you are an interesting interlocutor, well-read, intelligent, have their own independence and will, cook tasty food, then you are definitely not here. I know how to cook and I have the will too.
Further. I do not like rich men. The poor can not stand the spirit. The average wealth — just corny.
But extraordinary personalities are immediately passing by. Well, what other person, when this is happening outside the window!
So — you know, all in vain.
However, about yourself.

The character is direct and independent.
Height 177. Eyes arrogant, ears red, black thoughts. Prone to mental work. I have a lot of advantages that I try not to show, others love for the breadth of the soul and hate for their bastard character. And the rest is kind and intelligent … I love life in all its colors. I play with fire and play with matches — 🙂 I am more a creator than a destroyer. I love the sea, the lights of the night city and the sun! I do not tolerate rudeness and betrayal. Modest, I love my own habits. I write down all my habits in a notebook and immediately read at the first meeting. As a rule, such a meeting is the last. However, try to find another ugly man. Everything around is BEAUTIFUL and DIFFICULT. And this, as I wrote, is not my case …
I love my family, country and work — 🙂 Beautiful) driving a car, a stupa, a broom, good manners (a knife in the right, a toothpick in the left), the only heiress of an oil magnate who does not eat, does not drink, knits and does not say a word …

And now 5 qualities that a man should have:

  • Masculinity,
  • austerity
  • Ability to keep promises,
  • humor
  • Care.
    I will meet:
    with a man
    aged 26-35
    Looking for:
    Friendship and communication,
    Love, relationships,
    Trip together
    Who I want to find:
    His own. The one who hooks ..)) \ r \ nI respect men who know how to care and take care! This is truly manly! They know what they want, they know how to take care of themselves and their family. STRICT WITHOUT CHILDREN !!!!!
    Family status:

+33 6723 456 23

Name- Heloise

Status- Don’t See My Status, Appointment is needed.

Age- 19

+33 789 456 56


Status- if people have a problem with you then ask him her problem!–

Age- 24

+33 678 345 6781

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