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I want to meet someone with whom there will be mutual feelings. I will tell about myself in the correspondence. Married, unfree, and other types of men who are in a relationship — we have nothing to do with us, do not write — I do not deal with ambulance in bed matters and with solving your sexual problems.

Good girl! I like reading books, I like watching movies. Marvel ❤ forever!
I draw when there is inspiration. There are other fun activities.
Glamorous diseases do not suffer. Sometimes I speak obscenities)
Bad habits also exist, but with beneficial ones are in balance.
I’m afraid of all kinds of cute animals … like snakes) And I do not like weak people.
Friends with sport. I love to live. But with pirozhenki with fat on the ass, too, am friends … sometimes)

I want to find love!
Lord, I need one! normal man! Why is it so difficult then everything ?! 😂

If she didn’t answer, she wasn’t interested (it’s not necessary to write a second, third, fifth time)!
P.S. Thanks for all the compliments 🙂

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