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kind, gentle, affectionate, loyal, intelligent, economic. shorter than a good man, a man and a man for creating a family and not for games, but for creating a strong family. and not a loafer and not Alfons

I am the same girl of your desires … kind, gentle, wise smile))). I am the air that fills my lungs and escapes from a clenched fist, with the talent of an adventurer and the skills of creative application of my knowledge and magical feminine charm to achieve the best possible result))). Welcome!)))

I want to taste life to the maximum and share rich impressions with a loved one!) I want to travel and explore the world, create, create a family and be the best wife and mother! I want together with my husband to strengthen well-being, to be grateful and open to everything new, to love, support and delight each other!)

I am 37 years old and I have long been financially independent and psychologically independent from the opinions of others. I learned how to do a lot and solve it myself, overcome difficulties, take risks … learned how to accept help and unobtrusively help people). Therefore, looking for a guy like himself. I want to admire him, smile, think about him, and feel that He is my dear!)

A few words about my worldview and values:
1) I believe in God, but not religious.
2) I do not create debts (both as a lender and as a borrower).
3) Do not climb with your advice and help to those who do not ask.
4) I notice the beauty, strength and meaning in the words. I appreciate a competent speech, interpersonal skills, the gift of conviction)
5) Every capable person is a free person who is responsible for his thoughts, words, emotions, actions, for his choice and for his development. Just for yourself! It is desirable not to cause harm to others and maintain peace or neutrality with everyone.




Shobana- 8870441325,









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