Germany Girls Whatsapp Mobile Number For Friendship

Dear men: without photos, with photos in which you are not visible at all, with someone else’s photos — by! With understated or over-age — by! Sitting on the zone — by! Gut henpecked — there too.
I do not meet through intermediaries, pimps, the so-called «family counselors» — they wanted to: they met in person and to the point.

was a good 20 years ago … then it was spoiled))) (talking about the character for those who are not intelligible). So make sure your nerves are strong, manly character before you write «hello»)))
My mood and things are normal)
I am friends with my head, but rarely … and this day is not today) I love mischievous, capricious … in general, as they say «normal loving woman»)
Lord, I do not suffer from a split personality) Lovers and other vermin are not looking)))
I do not use p / s votsap, vibe, telegrams and other crap)
and this … I want to handle)
And yes, gentlemen, if you want me to advise something (for example, in what color I need to repaint or make a haircut, etc.), then without informing me, you can safely stick it (advice) into yourself .. . (in a known direction)
Thank you for your attention and understanding)))

Togo with whom it will be possible to get angry from the heart))) I want to love and be loved. p / s I hurry to disappoint citizens who are interested in my value … mother has not yet decided on the size of kalym (for giraffes! I do not offer any services and do not implement. )))

Name: Sravanthi

Age: 23

Study: P.G

Interest: Chatting On Whatsapp

Phone Number: +91 96965 32659.

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