The fastest truck of the planet

Today we will consider the fastest cargo car in the world. This is not an ordinary machine. From the truck here, in fact, only the base. The rest-tuning.

Meet ShockWave

That’s his name. The translation means «Shockwave» or «explosive wave «. Of course, the machine is not developed this year and not even in the past. Initial development: The 80s of the last century. Year 2012-New owner and complete refinement.

Consider the device, features, interesting facts.
How is it arranged?

The base for the whole construction was the popular in the USA truck Peterbilt 379 (produced in 1987-2007 years).

The motor, if it is so possible to name the whole device, consists of three jet engines, each of which has 12 000 hp of power, at the output we get 36 000 «Horses » power. «Normal » motor does not have a car.

Tires-in fact, the usual rubber, as on all standard tractors, with only a refinement-protector cut off. In total from each wheel «clean » Almost 40 kg of rubber.

This is done to ensure that the tyre is not stratified at high speed. Standard rubber is not designed for this speed, it can fail with all the ensuing. The wheels become similar to those used in Formula 1 cars.

Brakes-there are regular disc, of course. However, they are used only during «leisurely» passages next to the audience.

The main brake mechanism is two military parachute. Well, how else to stop at this speed?
What can I do?

The maximum speed of the tractor is 605 km/h. Cut in a quarter of a mile (400 meters) it passes in just 6.6 seconds (the car has a record in the book of Guinness).

ShockWave is able to overtake the plane. The race is like this: The truck is on the start, waiting for the opponent. The aircraft gets to the tractor at the rear (its speed is about 320 km per hour).

After the aircraft gets to the slash-the pilot of the car give a start. Takes about 11 seconds, after which the machine overtakes the plane, going to its maximum speed.

«Shock wave» can be tons of «eat» fuel! During a single race, this monster eats about 1.5 tons of fuel!

Interesting fact: Such a number takes only 1.5 kilometers.

In fact, the tractor is able to fly. To prevent this, the designers installed the engines with an inclination towards the ground (about 3 degrees).

The approximate cost of all this miracle: 33 500 000 rubles ($500 000).

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