Belaz 75710. Huge truck of the planet

The quarry dump trucks of the Belarusian automobile plant are known far beyond the country-producer. The plant sells more than half of its production in Russia. The plant was founded in 1948 and is successfully working up to the present day.

Today we are talking about a special product of this plant, namely Belaz 75710-the largest dump truck in the world!

So, Belaz 75710. Huge truck of the planet!

75710 started its production in 2013. There are only three such dump trucks in the world. One of them (the very first) since 2014 has been successfully used for the purpose of the Russian enterprise (the city of Berjozovsky).

The second is still on the factory roll. The 3rd unit has not even got a body, is at the stage of assembly. By the way, all three cars are intended for use on the territory of Russia.
What’s special about it?

First, it is the largest in the whole world. Overall dimensions are 20600 x 9750 x 8170 mm (20 meters length, Carl!).

Secondly, its load capacity is as much as 450 tons. In the winter of 2014 tipper became the record of Guinness (CIS and EU). It transported cargoes with a total weight of 503 tonnes.
What’s the technical part?

There are two of them, both diesel. Total Power 4660 HP

This thing consumes 470 liters of diesel per hour! This figure is for 100% of the loaded machine (450 tons of rock on board). No wonder, because the total volume of both engines-130 000 cm3 (130 liters of volume, Carl!), and their torque is 9313 nm.

Of course, engines here «spin » Not the shafts of the GEARBOX, and create electrical energy for electric motors. The huge cargo carrier has 4 electric motors (each is inside the hub of its wheel).

Such a «Dura » should be kept on something. This role is performed by a heavy-duty frame and suspension in the form of a hydro-pneumatic shock absorber system. The ammorints are 170 mm in diameter. Suspension is dependent.

The braking system is, of course, hydraulic. On each wheel-two-disc brake. You think that’s it? Even this is not enough to stop a fully loaded tipper with a total weight of over 800 tons!

In addition to hydraulics, brake help electric motors, which lead the giant in motion. At such braking electric motors strongly heat up, for their cooling the separate system in the form of forced cooling by air is applied.

Fuel Reserve
The huge consumption requires the same tank! Belaz has two of them. Total fuel Volume-5600 liters!
What is the resource of work?

Average duration of work of career giants-5 years. But it’s not that simple. This term-quite a lot! The reason is that the car is in work round the clock. On the change of dump truck 23 of 24 hours a day! 1 hour-a break for refueling and change the driver. For the specified period of time (5-year term) huge device passes in area of 500 thousand. Kilometers!

Once again briefly features:

Overall dimensions: 20600 x 9750 x 8170 mm

Engine volume (two, total): 130 liters

Max. Power: 4660 hp (two motors in 2330)

Torque: 9313 NM

Fuel tank (two, total volume): 5600 liters

Fuel consumption: 470 liters per hour (approx. 1300 liters/100 km)

Weight: 360 000 kg

Carrying capacity: 450 000 kg

Tyre dimensions: 59 80R63

Max. Speed: 67 km per hour

About the price: a huge truck of the planet costs 10 million. Dollars!

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