The most reliable cars. 2018 Rating

Hello, friends! Today we will talk about the most «long-lived » Cars. This is the rating of the most reliable car in 2018.

We will talk about Iron horse, which can drive 300 000 km and more without significant breakdowns. They are either broken very seldom, or at all remain in a serviceable condition.

1.Toyota Camry

Today, Kamri is one of the most important models for Toyota. In some countries it is a key. In the USA this car was the best-selling of cars in the period of 1997-2013 years. During this time they were sold more than 10 mln.

2. Honda Accord

The famous car of the Japanese manufacturer began its production back in 1976, in those days he was a representative of the class «Golf «. Today Accord is one of the best selling Honda models in the world.

3. Toyota Prius

Prius is the first car in the world to have a hybrid engine installed. At the moment he has founded a whole «benzoelectric » Family in the form of its varieties: hatchback Prius C, Liftbek Prius, MPV-wagon.

4. Honda CR-V

The real pride of the Honda manufacturer. The model has brought Honda many prestigious awards and awards. The CR-V originated in 1995-1996, when it was adapted for deliveries to North America.

5. Toyota Sienna

Minivan of a considerable size, has both front-drive version, and 4×4. Spacious interior, excellent design and powerful power unit. It is very popular with families with children who adore different kinds of travel.

6. Honda Civic

The famous «Sika » originates as early as in 1972. As the production of the car gradually «grew up in dimensions, in 2000 went to the class » Golf «, where remains and now. Nowadays Civic-one of the most popular models of Honda, every year it is sold «circulation » more than 600 000 cars.

7. Toyota Corolla

The model has a long history. Corolla appeared back in 1966, then it had a rear-wheel drive and immediately attracted to the buyers. 1983-Transition to the front-wheel drive and increase of dimensions. The history of the model totals more than half a century and over 10 generations. Worldwide Corolla was sold in the amount of more than 40 mln. Cars, thus earning the title of «The world’s most massive car «.

8. Toyota 4Runner

The production of this SUV began in 1984. During his history he changed five generations. In 2002, 4Runner «grew up» to a segment of medium-sized cars.

9. Toyota Highlander

The crossover originated in 2000. Built on the basis of the model Camry. Changed more than one generation of production. He is particularly fond of the American public, who successfully buys a car annually in the amount of about 190 000 copies.

10. Ford F-150

The American pickup has both a rear-wheel drive and a 4×4 formula. The F-150 was first recorded in the Ford F-Series in the 70s of the 20th century. A convenient utilitarian car is very popular among farmers or people with a large family. Today-the world leader in the segment, annually sold in the amount of more than 800 000 cars.

As you can see, 9 out of 10 car rankings are Japanese. And all of them from Toyota and Honda.

To maintain the working condition of these «horses » It is only necessary to observe the fulfillment of all that in time to change «consumables «. In response, the owner receives a «long-lived companion», which will never fail him.

That’s all, friends! Thank you for reading! Good luck on the roads!

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